Half Marathon in 30 Days

What might be the ideal environment to train for a half marathon in 30 days? I booked a house in LA on the beach along a running path and filled it with 9 people who had never run a half marathon before. We had a mobility coach live with us, a trainer, food taken care of, running coaches, etc. The perfect environment to train for a half marathon. We moved into the Airbnb on November 1, 2020, and fast-forward to Thanksgiving a few weeks later and we all ran the half marathon, injury-free. I vlogged the 30-day journey daily in case interested!


2021: Ran 3 Half Marathons, helped 40+ people run their first half in <30 days (example)

2022: Ran 500 Miles ✅

2023: Run Another 500 Miles [503.5 as of 12/31/23] ✅

2024: Complete a Murph!